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Local Info

The Glasgow Area Chamber of Commerce and Missouri River Country are great resources for information about our area and current events!


In Missouri River Country, you're going to be surrounded by wildlife. Outnumbered even. Fewer people means more room for deer, antelope and elk. The skies above northeastern Montana are filled with upland game birds and waterfowl. There are excellent areas for bird watching including the Bowdoin Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Lake Wildlife Refuge and the Fort Peck lake area. There is a self-guided auto tour of the Leo Coleman Wildlife Pasture at Fork Peck.


Trolling for walleye at Fort Peck Reservoir or trying your luck from the shore of the Missouri River will give you ample opportunity for great fish stories. Fort Peck Lake has 1,600 miles of shoreline (that’s more than the state of California) and you’ll find peace and quiet, accompanied by a few friends and plenty of walleye, small-mouth bass, northern pike, and Chinook salmon. The Missouri River and Yellowstone River offer excellent opportunities for catching paddlefish and sturgeon – prehistoric monsters that still live here today. It’s an experience only Montana’s River Country can offer.


Trophy Deer, Elk and Antelope abound in Missouri River Country, as well as upland game birds and waterfowl. For an unforgettable hunt, bring your gear and enjoy peaceful autumn days surrounded by the beautiful countryside.

Lewis and Clark

The Lewis and Clark Trail follows the Missouri River near the town of Fort Peck, 17 miles south of Glasgow. Interpretive sites include the Lewis and Clark Overlook and the Lewis and Clark Observation Point. Both sites are located on Highway 24, south of Fort Peck.

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